The Agno History

Agno’s humble beginnings are traced back to 1956, when the Capuano family set up a modest farm shop on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece to peddle fresh vegetables produced by a combination of good fortune (it just happened that the land they owned was blessedly fertile) and crater-loads of elbow grease. The Capuanos embraced organic farming principles and methodologies out of necessity – the scarcity of chemical means back then was almost absolute - and personal philosophy. In the course of time the Agno Farm Shop evolved to a veritable co-operative commercial outlet for all the Organic Micro-cultivators of the area.

Isabella belongs to the third generation of Capuanos; she has held a multitude of diverse roles within the Organic Food & Beverage industry in a career that spanned two decades, four continents. She eventually settled in the UK and in 2015 she decided that it was time to fulfill her long-standing wish of reviving Agno. She has devoted herself exclusively to reincarnating Agno as an electronic shop and now spends most of her time running the business; that includes travelling all over Greece, handpicking and tasting the organic gourmet delicacies that adorn the (virtual) shelves of

The Agno Modus Operandi

The Agno name has become synonymous with ethical sourcing and fair trading. We forged close partnerships with small-scale organic product manufacturers. The majority of products are organic certified. We taste and handpick products with exquisite organoleptic profiles: texture, flavour, aroma, visual aesthetics/appearance (of foodstuffs themselves and the packaging). Our partners then execute short production runs specifically for us, ensuring optimal quality control.

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Agno Organic Food Limited

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